Terms & Conditions

  • The consultancy fee will be in respect of total consulting services rendered for the assignment, and is based on the time spent on the project, whether at the client's premises or elsewhere.

  • It is our practice to work closely with the client and to carry out periodic assignment audits or reviews to ensure that the assignment benefits are clearly identified and achieved. The frequency of such audits depends on the assignments.

  • Interstate travel, accommodation and associated costs have not been included in our fee.

  • Robert Weller & Associates full-time staff and associates are under contract and are not permitted to seek or accept employment from our clients without the express approval of Robert Weller & Associates.

  • Robert Weller & Associates are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct of The Institute of Management Consultants in Australia.

  • All client information provided during the consultancy shall remain confidential unless it is part of the public domain. Such confidential information shall be returned if required at completion of the project.

  • The consultants shall not use, copy, disclose or disseminate any confidential information obtained during or as the result of the consultancy to any other person without the consent of the client and any confidential information obtained shall remain the property of the client.

  • The scope of work is based on the assumption that the information required to complete the project is made available by the client in a timely manner suitable for use by the consultants.

  • Work may be terminated on one month’s written notice by either party.

  • All surveys, forecasts and recommendations in this or any subsequent report are made in good faith upon the basis of information before us at the time; and achievement of the objectives set out in such reports will depend, among other things, upon the effective co-operation of the client's staff. Notwithstanding anything herein contained, neither the company nor its servants or agents will, except as the law may otherwise require, be liable for any loss or other consequences (whether or not due to the negligence of the company, its servants or agents) arising out of the services rendered by the company.