Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below. 

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Q: What does it cost to obtain consulting advice?

A: The amount of help required determines the cost. We can provide a fixed price fee or we can provide advice on an hourly or daily rate. Every grant is different and some businesses are better prepared and have content ready for a grant proposal. 


Q: Can you guarantee I will get the grant?

A: Most grant programs are competitive. It is not possible to provide a guarantee. If your business is rejected, in most cases it is possible to re-submit the grant with changes. Rejection does not mean the business cannot be supported by the grant. In many cases there were a number of stronger applicants in that round. Funders may suggest the applicant re-submits the grant, with a couple of changes, in the next round.


Q: Can I write my own grant application?

A: Yes. We can review and edit your grant for a fixed fee.


Q: What happens if my application is rejected?

A: In most cases you will get very useful feedback. We can help with this. You can re-submit the same grant.


Q: How long does it take to prepare a grant application?

A: We have written grant applications in as little as a week. Some grants require very detailed explanations and cashflow projections. The amount of time required depends on the level of preparedness of the business.


Q: How successful is RWA in winning grants?

A: RWA has been in the business of researching, writing and managing applications for government grants for 25 years with a success rate of 80%.


Defence Supply Chain

Q: What does it cost to get help?

A: RWA has service offerings to get your business into the Defence Supply Chain starting at under $1,000.


Q: Can you guarantee I will get an order?

A: Your success is a combination of:

          Your business’ differentiators

          Defence requirements at that time


Funding for Defence spending remains on track this year (2018) at $36.4 billion, setting the government on a path to meet their 2020/2021 2% of GDP funding target.


Q: How long does it take until I get an order?

A: RWA has a program to help your business access free Government and Defence services and support to help you enter the Defence Supply Chain. Winning Defence business is not fast. The RWA process is a step by step guide to getting your business ready and positioned with Defence and Defence Prime Contractors. The process may take 24 months.


Q: I am a small business can I sell to Defence?

A: Yes. The Federal Government has programs to help SMEs enter the Defence Supply Chain. RWA can help your business navigate the system.